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The Humor Mill has been around for more than a decade, having begun as a simple email newsletter designed to bring smiles to people at their workplaces and homes. Once a week, we sent out an email with a bunch of jokes, both visual and verbal, to a very limited number of recipients.  It was suggested that we create a web site, and post all the jokes we'd received, so that people could visit the site at their leisure, and not have to wade through increasingly longer emails.

And so, by popular demand - yes, there really is such a thing! - we became a web site, on which a whole bunch of stuff appeared. Jokes, cartoons, and pictorials were published whenever the editor had time, and there was a sufficient amount of new material. And then an email notice would go out to let our friends know that they could have a few laughs by visiting the Humor Mill web site.

Then, a strange thing happened. The Humor Mill grew way out of all proportion, with numerous side shows, and pages dedicated to people who sent a lot of material. And people stopped visiting, because at the same time, it became unruly and difficult to navigate. Simply put, it became very difficult to know where the new material was, so people simply gave up.

What happened next? You asked, and here is the answer: The Humor Mill returned to its humble beginnings. No, we're not going to send around jokes in an email, but we are going to clear out whole bunches of stuff, and return to a single page containing all the simple humor you came to enjoy and expect from us.

Just remember, we were the first; we have been and will continue to be the best, too!  Visit us in a couple of weeks and see for yourselves. Then tell your friends to come see the change and laugh at our expense.

- The Editor.

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